The greatest diversity in articles for equestrian sports

Werken Aventura is a leading brand of the equestrian sector open to the public in Argentina since 2011. We are unique in the market with a wide range of products for both the horse and the rider, with original and resistant models.

As a goal we set out to be the most complete and newest store in the country, serving the customer with quality products at the best price. We excel to meet the needs of horse lovers, regardless of the discipline they perform.

Our creativity, dynamics and flexibility allowed us to quickly establish ourselves in the local and international market, selling a complete line of equestrian articles with a wide variety of colors and innovative designs.



Five years ago we developed a new model of stirrup that competes in quality and performance with the best brands in the world. We know that the world trend is mainly aimed at safeguarding the safety of the rider, so we had put the accent on that point.

Leandro Martín

President, Werken Argentina



Stirrups made of lightweight and sturdy plastic material, with elegant design and rounded ends. With metal or rubber tread. 


Plastic stirrups, specially designed for jockeys looking for high performance and comfort in turf races. Colors: red, green, yellow, blue, black.


Stirrups of plastic material, capable of supporting heavy loads, ultra resistant, with wider tread and square finishes. Metal or rubber tread of choice. Colors: black, brown.


Stirrups of plastic material, smaller and ideal for children or for light loads. This model has rubber tread only, can include capachos and comes in a wide range of colors: black, brown, gray, red, orange, pink, fuxia, blue, sky blue, purple, light violet, green. 


Adaptable to the model of “Junior” stirrup (in the same variety of colors), and to any small stirrup. Ideal protection for beginners in equestrian sport. Also very used for endurance. 


Sturdy anodized aluminum, high quality and resistance. Design Colors: black, gray, blue, fuxia.


Stirrups made of plastic material specially designed for the youngest who start with ponies. They can include mats and are available in a variety of colors.


Horse Boots

Of excellent quality and finish, constructed with plastic material (PPU) of high flexibility and resistance. Colors: black, white, gray, brown, red, blue, pink, dark green, green water, violet, sky blue, yellow, orange, fuxia.






Plastic Spurs:

Made of lightweight and strong plastic, the spurs come with four interchangeable pihols set, thus adapting to every need. Colors: black, brown, gray, blue, red, sky blue, green. 


Durable and resistant, in colors: black, gray, brown, white, blue, light blue, purple, lilac, green, red, pink, fuxia, orange.


Made of lightweith and resistant plastic, they are ideal and practical for work in barns and boxes.

Horseshoes no-shock pads

High quality puliuretan flat pads, known for their resistance and their capacity to absorb shocks and vibrations. They are 3 mm thick, and their translucent color allows visualization when using a silicone filler. 

Corrective heel pockets: from high to low with a 5° angle.


We have more than a houndred models of horse bits of excellent quality and price. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Horse riding track


 Made of plastic material, durable and safe to achieve the highest performance with the minimum of danger for the binomial participants of the obstacles jumping.


A set of white flag, red flag and staples.

Fence ends

Made of plastic material, used at the ends of the fence for the design of obstacles. 95 or 100 mm in diameter

Metal Rails

Set of Numbers